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The Anomaly is a deep, character focused visual novel set in modern times, combining a healthy mix of story, player choice, and mini-game elements. Your choices, victories, and failures all play a part as you build bonds with the characters around you and unlock the mystery behind Colorado Springs.


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I will copy-paste my youtube comment here:

After playing until the end i can say this is the visual novel we needed in 2020. Not a lot of Cience Fiction were released and this filled the spot (at least for me) for a short time. Keep the good work and i hope you can get more recognition because "The Anomaly" is an amazing work, even for a demo,


Hey!  Not sure what to make of this comment, but if you have any questions or concerns regarding the game at all, just let us know :)

Oh no, this is just how I say HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, also thanks for the cool game!


Oh, my bad!  I'm super happy that you enjoy it, though! :) 


this is the 2nd time i've seen you just say "hmmmm" on a game lmao maybe re-work a greeting so it comes off a little less odd

I see I see, thanks for the advice